We are a dynamic team of architects, engineers and construction professionals transforming our clients' dream projects into reality.

It's about creating and developing aesthetic and innovative spaces to express the brands' identity.

We combine contemporary trends with functionality and natural light to create dream homes.

Leading-edge environments for the service industry merging simplicity and avant-garde.

Generating multi-purpose and multi-functional spaces to cater to our clients' expectations.

Declaration of classical design, sybolism, unity, representation and present-day ideas.

Creating highly-functional settings, integrated multiple spaces, promoting health and wellbeing.

Blending specific materials, clean structures and appearances, lighting and multi-functional systems.

Translating our clients' ideas to the language of architectural art.

Architectural Design services of A.R.A Design includes

Design Management
ARA Design provides design management services for their own projects as well as projects designed by others. Upon approval of the design concept ARA Design will manage the design development and construction documentation production process and authority approvals and prepare the tender documents for bidding and negotiation phases of design . ARA Design senior staff possess a lengthy and strong background experience on project design management and delivery . ARA Design management team can organize any project to assure compliance with Time, budget and Quality required by the developers.
Architectural Design
RA Design provides clients with the most innovative architectural concepts which are the result of many years of international and local experience and knowhow of the regulatory authorities and the latest advances in the construction field and technology. All ARA Design concepts are exciting and innovative as well as being well thought out and easily constructable and within the project budget.
Project Administration

ARA Design provides project administration during the construction period, by acting as the owner’s expert representative to ensure design intent and timely project delivery.
The senior partners of ARA design have the academic expertise and qualification for professional project management to assure that all parties involved in the execution of the project are performing their role in the most efficient manner.

Lead Consultancy
ARA Design will acts as lead consultant on all their projects by selecting the appropriate talents and skill needed for each individual project. Once the design team is selected and appointed the ARA Design team will take responsibility to assure that duties are performed in a coordinated manner with the other team members to avoid delays in design delivery and later in construction period.
Design Research
ARA Design provides extensive design research for the projects assigned from the outset to assure compliance with all matters effecting the project, from the site location and zoning and regulatory requirements to environmental awareness and compliance and sustainability, and selection of the most suites construction methods to assure optimum efficiency in the design process and construction.
Feasibility Studies
ARA Design can provide clients with viability and feasibility studies to assure financial goal compliance. This includes cost estimates projections from the outset and on every stage of design to assess and comply with the budgetary requirements for the project .

Architecture is the mother of all arts and the Art of disciplined Imagination

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